Abhumka Herbal is an ISO 9001:2008 Social Enterprise Company and a herbal products and Ayurvedic medicine company in India deeply engrossed in discovering and translating tribal traditional herbal knowledge into healthcare products. The name Abhumka comes from Central India where a tribal herbal healer is is known as Bhumka.

Abhumka Herbal has wide product range which includes Ayurvedic herbal products, human health medicines and animal health products etc. We have successfully encapsulated our vision of providing safe and genuine herbal products and remedies to global market. This endeavor of ours is successfully reflected in efficacy and quality of all our herbal and Ayurvedic products. Our Research and Development team is continuously working towards developing and expanding our range of herbal medicines and products.

Abhumka is perhaps the only ayurvedic medicine company in both the hemisphere that shares its profit with the tribal community. Abhumka has prepared a digital library of 25000 herbal practices and launched 17 products so far. All the products are manufactured under GMP facility.

Indigenous knowledge based herbal practices are tried, tested and trusted since thousands of year. Unlike Western medicine which depends upon clinical evidences, Indigenous knowledge depends upon clinical experience. Indian tribal’s traditional herbal knowledge is still unwritten and passed through the words of mouth from generation to generation. Documentation of traditional knowledge of tribals is serving as a raw material for our R & D and eventually for product development.

What Oil is to Gulf, indigenous herbal knowledge can be for Indian economy subjected to various parameters and conditions which need to be addressed immediately through an integrated effort from Government, science fraternity and farmers. Nevertheless, our vast geographical area, different biodiversities, large rural population will prove to be blessing in disguise for achieving this goal. Abhumka is perpetually working to make the tribal self reliable and self sustaining, economically independent, politically integrated, eventually to raise their socio-economic status.